outgoing out‧go‧ing [ˈaʊtˌgəʊɪŋ ǁ -ˌgoʊ-] adjective [only before a noun]
1. outgoing telephone calls, mail etc are made or sent by someone rather than being received by them:

• This telephone can only be used to make outgoing calls.

• outgoing facsimile and data transmission traffic

• You will need to log all outgoing invoices.

2. the outgoing chairman/​president etc someone who is leaving their job as chairman, president etc:

• The outgoing CEO called together all the senior vice-presidents for a meeting to introduce his successor.

— compare incoming

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outgoing UK US /ˌaʊtˈgəʊɪŋ/ US  /ˈaʊtgəʊɪŋ/ adjective [before noun]
about to leave an important job, such as managing a company or governing a country: »

Shareholders criticized the company for an exorbitant compensation package that paid the outgoing CEO more than $71 million last year.


an outgoing president/chairman/director

COMMUNICATIONS an outgoing phone call or email is made or sent by one person to another, rather than being received: »

Outgoing calls are charged at a rate of 49 cents, or 38p, a minute.

Compare INCOMING(Cf. ↑incoming)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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